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Italian Infantry Section

Italian Infantry Section

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Italian squads (called "sections") were quite large--at least on paper--being twice the size of German or Allied squads. This set allows you to field an Italian infantry section of 18 men.

The Italian sections consisted of two "groups," one rifle group and one machine-gun group, plus one NCO as section leader and one corporal as leader of the machine-gun group.

The set consists of:

  • 8 riflemen (as in IT-101)
  • 2 machine-gun teams (as in IT-102)
  • 4 command figures (as in IT-103)

    The command group can be used for both the section and platoon command.

    NOTE: The photos show all the different figures possible, not the exact make-up of the section. All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without the extra bases shown