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French Mountain Artillery Mules

French Mountain Artillery Mules

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Four pack mules in artillery harness, designed to carry the DeBange 80mm Mountain Artillery gun (A-1). The gun was packed out on four mules, as shown:

  • The barrel
  • The carriage
  • The carriage extension and wheels
  • Ammunition boxes and pack

    The set consists of 4 mules, two ammunition boxes and a spare pack.

    This method of transporting the mountain guns was used by the Alpine batteries in North Africa and in France right up through WWII.

    Although these mules wear the French harness, the harness varied but little among countries--these mules could carry any load for any country.

    The mules in the main photo are loaded with the deBange Mountain Gun (A-1) in addition to the ammunition boxes and spare packs.

    The mules above are pictured as they come, with the exception of the third mule from the left, which has two of the ammunition boxes and a pack already loaded on him.

    NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing