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Soviet Cossack Light Walker

Soviet Cossack Light Walker

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The Soviets recognised the versatility of the German Spinne walker and were able to reverse engineer much of the technology from captured examples. Using biped technology stolen from the US, they were able to produce the Cossack. Fast and agile it is an excellent recce vehicle. It excels in the open and often difficult ground that covers much of Eastern Europe.

Cost: 100pts (Regular), 120pts (Veteran)
Weapons: Forward-mounted light autocannon and coaxial MMG
Damage value: 7+ (light walker)
Options: Replace light autocannon with light AT gun for +15pts, but lose Agile special rules.
Special Rules:

In Konflikt '47

Deployed as a fast flanking unit, the Cossack with its Walker, Agile, and Recce special rules is ideal for hit and run distraction before your Ursus or other assault units enter the fray!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted